Ground-breaking victory, as Parul University student scoops the silver medal in the International Commonwealth Games. 

The contingent Commonwealth Games ended with the making of a historical moment, acting as a groundbreaking turning point for the Gujarat based international Judo champion Yash Patel. From the 3rd of November till the 11th day of the month, the Judo Federation of India (JFI) under the aegis of the International Judo Federation, organised the 8 day Judo Championships held at  Swai Maan Singh Stadium, in the Pink City Jaipur.


For the first time in the history of the Commonwealth games, the Judo Championships were held in India. A thrilling event which saw the participation of more than 15 countries including South Africa, Britain, Botswana, New Zealand, Malaysia, among others. The games featured some of the most talented sporting personnel in the different leagues, from different countries of origin. Amongst these Yash Patel, an engineering student, studying under Parul University, Vadodara, whose commitment and dedication towards Judo, led to him being awarded victorious in the Commonwealth Judo Championships.


“It was a joyful life, changing moment for me to have been declared winner. I have been through alot, including damaging my knee ligaments which were treated in Mumbai. On the doctors request i was informed that the only way for me to get back in sports is by having my leg operated. Upon the successful completion of the operation, i was given an 8 month resting period, in which 4 months prior to my recovery i had to take part in the Commonwealth games, my victory truly means that with hard work everything can be made possible,” said Yash Patel, upon being declared the silver medalist.


Representing India were two teams India A and India B, Yash Patel a member of the B team, in the Junior men’s league, fought against 3 teams, and emerged victorious in 2 of the fights, including the last match fought against India B. The victor through his learning period in Parul University, apart from taking part in the Commonwealth games, also got nominated for participating in the Asia Games before two years but couldn’t go further after two rounds. It is this season that he has brought pride to his University and the nation of India at large.


The Sports Authority of Gujarat along with the Sports of Authority of India issued a notification declaring the prize money of the victor totaling 18 lacs. “It is a moment of great pride to see a product of Parul University, standing as a symbol of inspiration for the youth within the University and the youths throughout all of India. We will continuously create platforms to inspire and motivate, young athletes to continue in rising up the Indian flag on all international platforms”, expressed the University Provost Dr M N Patel.

Moreover Yash has added one more golden feather to the cap of the university by winning Good medal in Gujarat State Judo Championship organised by Judo federation of India on December 1, 2018 at Blind School, Gandhinagar. He changed the stereotypes by breaking the age barrier. being a junior player  he faught in senior category in 100+kg weight category and wind the title and got selected for nationals.


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