Grievances Redressal Portal

Kindly refer to the subject cited above. In this connection, it is to bring into your kind notice that a new online grievances Redressal Portal stands created by the State Government to provide convenience to the citizens by allowing them to lodge a grievance through mobile phones or computers. It is being said that this will remove the need for them to physically appear at any location to file a grievance. Now, the filing of grievance as well as tracking the status of the same shall be  possible online through this portal. This will save the large amount of time and effort of the citizens. Who will not welcome this step provided it delivers as is said about it? But every claim of the Government suffers from public belief deficit. Let us see what happens to this revised public   facility under Governor’s Rule.
For providing response to the grievances standard operating process  is  15 days. There is a need to do inquiry  as how many cases stand responded within this time limit and how many could not be responded even after months or  years together. The badly handled cases by different cases make the position of the State Government cell weak.
It is heartening to note that the Government is  moving fast towards e-governance and it is good  for the people to use the medium of twitter, and e-mail for sending their grievance. It is also  involves the twitter handle and e-mail  and Governor has even asked the people to send their grievances by post also. The people should be educated as to how to use this facility.
New era for welfare has set in. The Governmental agencies have to bring about change in their attitude in this new administrative atmosphere, otherwise, desired results can’t achieved through this system.
T R Azad


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