Govt should take community into confidence on return: KPs

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 29: YAIKS president, RK Bhat and AIKPC general secretary, Kuldeep Pandita said all exiled Pandits living as refugees in their own country aspire to return to their motherland.
While commenting on the statement of Union Defence Minister Rajnath Singh that ‘no power can stop KPs from returning to Kashmir’, they said that it is awfully heartening that present Government is showing such seriousness for the rehabilitation of displaced Pandits.
They said every dispensation at the Centre since the mass exodus reiterated about the return of KPs but till-to-date it has remained only on the lips. “Whenever the return of KPs is talked about it gives both sense of pleasure as well as fear,. Pleasure because we want to return and the fear that KPs were never taken into confidence to discuss about the module of return as it is the wearer who knows where the shoe pinches”, they added.
By affixing a single word of ‘now’ with the return the Defense Minister divulges multidimensional facts of the political scenario of J and K. The erstwhile State of Jammu and Kashmir is now the Union Territory. Article 370 and 35 A is nowhere now. With these two developments, the statement of Singh cannot be taken lightly, they added. They said there should be no return without taking 3.5 lakh Pandits into confidence. And most importantly, the module for the return should be discussed with the exiled community and should be approved by the community as these are the Pandits who have to live there and have already borne the brunt. Pandits should not be made scapegoats again, they added.


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