Govt must support Satsang Mandlies in crisis: Bhalla

Cong leader Raman Bhalla interacting with Satsang Mandli members in Gandhi Nagar on Sunday.
Cong leader Raman Bhalla interacting with Satsang Mandli members in Gandhi Nagar on Sunday.

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, July 5: Former minister and senior Congress leader Raman Bhalla today claimed that Covid-19 pandemic has badly hit the economically weaker sections of the society.
The daily wage earners, the homeless and the migrant labourers are still facing difficulty in procuring even a meal a day. In such times, it’s Govt’s responsibility to come forward to extend help. While the pandemic scare and corona virus panic may make one turn to prayers to overcome the fears, however, the need to lock down the nation for controlling the pandemic has left people unable to visit even places of worship. Not being able to reach out to deities has led many to seek help from almighty.
A delegation of Satsang Mandli called on Bhalla apprising him of difficulties being faced by them amid Covid-19 scare. They demanded some sort of package to meet their family affairs as their activities have virtually seized making it difficult for them to manage their family affairs.
While interacting with them Bhalla said that Satsang implies brotherhood or fraternity established in a particular locality.In Indian philosophy Satsang is a comradeship of seekers of the “highest truth” who listen to, talk about, and embrace truth. They give importance to the Vedic ways of realizing the fundamental truth of life. They also develop relationships of compassion and appreciation across all living creatures and nature.
Bhalla asserted that joining Satsang helps in conquering the evil propensities of the mind, dispelling ego and getting enlightened in the company of the holy people. It is applauded as a valuable means for our moral and spiritual growth. Satsang is the place where you are able to ask questions or doubts about spirituality, any practices, and principles and get them cleared. Without this cleansing, one will not be able to practice spirituality wholeheartedly. He urged upon the Govt to support Satsang Mandlies.