Govt doesn’t have updated data of all employees, slackness impeding reforms

GAD seeks ATR by Dec 31 as deadline extended thrice

Verification conducted only of 60% employees till date

Mohinder Verma
JAMMU, Dec 25: The Government of Union Territory of Jammu and Kashmir doesn’t have updated data of all the employees mainly because of dilly-dallying approach of the departments in furnishing information on the Centralized Personnel Information System (CPIS) despite repeated instructions. Due to this, the Government is facing difficulty in the introduction of employee friendly reforms.
The scope of the Central Personnel Information System is to capture profiles of the employees as well as offices for ready reference as and when they are promoted, transferred or retired etc. It also aims to assign a unique Employee Identification Number to all the employees for future references. Further, the CPIS data-base can be used for electronic service book and GPF.
The other benefits of the system are generation of required report of the employees as and when desired without wasting of much time, transparency in transfer and posting leading to better administration in every department, effective manpower management and improvement in financial management.
Keeping all these aspects in mind, the General Administration Department issued directions to all the departments for updation of basic data of employees on CPIS. Even the Chief Secretary Dr Arun Kumar Mehta, while chairing meetings of the Committees of Secretaries, asked all the Administrative Secretaries to expedite the exercise in their respective departments as Government was contemplating introduction of various employee friendly reforms for simplifying the Government-employee interactions, which importantly include e-filing of property returns and Annual Performance Reports.
Through the circular dated November 18, 2021, the General Administration Department conveyed to all the departments that updated and correct information/data of employees is fundamental for successful implementation of these reforms. At the same time, the GAD expressed concern over delay in updation of data despite clear instructions in this regard and said, “the delay is impeding the introduction of these initiatives and has been viewed seriously by the Government”.
Accordingly, all the Administrative Secretaries and Heads of the Departments were directed to ensure updation of data of all officers/officials working in their departments by or before November 30, 2021 and Action Taken Report in this regard be shared with the GAD.
However, there was no compliance from all the departments as a result of which on December 2, 2021, the General Administration Department was again compelled to issue circular and extend the time-frame till December 15. Again all the Administrative Secretaries and Heads of the Departments were asked to ensure updation of CPIS data of employees working under their administrative control and furnish the Action Taken Report by or before December 15, 2021.
Because of dilly-dallying approach of the departments, the General Administration Department has against extended the last date till December 31, 2021 with the direction to all the Administrative Secretaries and HoDs to submit Action Taken Report on December 31.
Due to slackness in updation of information on CPIS, the Government of J&K UT doesn’t have updated data of all its employees. As per the official data assessed by EXCELSIOR, against a total of 4,51,050 employees in 38 departments, data of only 2,87,213 has been updated by the departments.
As per the data, against 12116 employees in Agriculture Department, data of 9598 has been verified till date while as in Education Department against 122383 employees data of 104249 has been verified as on date. Similarly, Higher Education Department has verified data of 3847 employees against a total of 5417.
Home Department has verified data of only 34812 employees against a total of 84786 while as Housing and Urban Development Department has completed the task in respect of only 3994 employees against a total strength of 10005. Power Development Department has verified data of 9458 against total 16098 employees while as Public Health Engineering Department has conducted data verification of 10398 against 18724 employees.
Against 47514 employees linked with no department and fall in the category of others, verification of only 22029 has been completed till date.