Govt bans tuition centres for 3 months

They are major distraction for students: Minister

Fayaz Bukhari
SRINAGAR, Apr 22: Minister for Education, Syed Mohammad Altaf Bukhari, today ordered closure of all private tuition centres in the State for 90 days.
The announcement to close the tuition centres was made after he chaired a meeting of Chief Education Officers, Zonal Education Officers and Principals of Higher Secondary Schools. “Report should go to the concerned district administration as well. All coaching centres will remain closed for next 90 days,” the Minister said.

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He also asked the Director School Education Kashmir to submit list of teachers, masters and lecturers who are working in private coaching centres. Director Education Kashmir, Dr Ghulam Nabi Itoo, however, clarified that the ban on coaching centres for 90 days is not for professional courses.
The Minister said that the tuition centres were closed as they are major distraction for the students. “I met all the Principals to discuss about how to strengthen the educational institutes and ensure about how to provide better education to the children. We have come to the conclusion that the coaching centres are one of the distractions, students are being faced due to which the education of students is affected. We made a decision that the coaching Centres will be closed for the next 90 days. By a Government order, the coaching centres are closed for 90 days”, he said.
“These are only one of the distractions for the students as they held them till 11 or 12 in the morning due to which the students are being distracted and teachers in the schools are distracted. Coaching is only needed when there is not good educational system and it is good in our schools. I promise the parents that their children will be more intelligent in the schools, Government as well as private schools than in the coaching centres. When we think there is any need, we will provide coaching to the students or give extra classes as well”, he added.
The Minister urged the parents of the children to help the Government in bringing back the students to the schools. “We also heard the suggestions put forth by the Principals about how to improve quality education. We will implement their suggestions and I request all the parents to help us in bringing back the students to the classrooms and if there is any problem to the students, they should talk to us and we will redress their problems. Parents should spend some time with their children as they have a lot of emotional stress”, he said.
Bukhari said that the rape and murder of an 8-year old girl in Kathua is now in Court and students should return to class rooms. “The Kathua incident is an emotional stress on children, parents should make them understand that whatever had happened, the matter is in the Court now. Court will take the decision now and till that parents should give counseling to their children”, he added.
When asked about presence of police outside the schools, the Minister said: “The police vehicles should be away from the schools. Police is only there to prevent some untoward incident. I don’t think police is interested in running the schools.”
Bukhari urged students to focus on education as they are future assets. “My message to the students is that come back to the schools as you are the good asset and our future”, he said.