Governor’s call to misguided youth

Giving a clarion but sincere call to those who have, and are resorting to taking the gun in Kashmir, to shun violence, join mainstream and in turn be assured to get rehabilitated, Governor Satya Pal Malik has recently said that the administration was committed to take all steps for re-establishing and furbishing those who surrendered and joined the mainstream. He equally cautioned those terrorists who dared to fire or lobbed explosive devices at the security forces, that they, in turn would not retaliate with flowers or bouquets.
However, feeling ill at ease with the Governor’s administration taking administrative decisions , one after the other, in the interests of the people, if political leaders have advised the Governor not to indulge in politicking and not “interfere in state politics” but make conditions conducive for early elections to the State Assembly, they have, at the same time, never ever dared to suggest those militants very firmly who dream to bring about some elusive Aazadi or whatever, to shun violence and stop causing destruction. Instead, statements are made in such tone and tenor that militants feel emboldened and that is the real tragedy of the state politics. Again of late, if slain militants’ families are chosen to be visited to offer sympathies and solidarity too, perhaps, to register political relevance on the canvas of Kashmir politics, it is commenting upon the sincerity of such leaders in seeing really Kashmir coming out of the morass which it has been pushed into by Pakistan. Instead, “Government of India ” and not the Central Government is virtually mortified to talk to militant “leadership” and separatists and Pakistan . While doing such politics at their equivocal best with the unwarranted and perilous situation of thirty long years, the state political leadership is knowingly or otherwise thus proving not helpful, not in the least, towards discouraging those who take to gun and violence.Categorical and steadfast advice to indoctrinated gun totting young people to shun violence and return to normal peaceful life should, instead be the chorus of political leaders of all hues.
Governor appears to be sincere and a well wisher of militants by suggesting them to tread the right peaceful path and those who encourage and embolden them, wait unfortunately for the day they are, one by one, consumed by this militancy as attacks on security forces would attract retaliatory action with no secret repercussions. What are these militants going to achieve except strengthening the ego of Pakistan that it was creating trouble for India in one of its parts. Perhaps, Governor made no bones about it in sharing his views with media persons. That there was nothing like “operation all out” was brought home to those who hyped this term out of context. Should politicians who know the nerve of State politics having been in power for decades decide and declare to establish a “Truth and Reconciliation Commission” to probe killings in the state? Should such uttering not prove as an oxygen to the sustenance of terrorism and prove ammunition to the militants, is the moot question. What is the political leadership practically doing in containing militancy excepting like always blaming only the Central Government and the security forces? They should critically appraise the extent of peculiar chinks and warts in their scheme of things to see an end to militancy to bring back Kashmir on much longed for peaceful tracks.
One could surely go to any extent in this country to do politics and try to emerge as relevant and yet be all critical of the system itself is another tragedy. The Governor was all optimistic in his interaction with the media that the administration was ready for conducting the democratic exercise (of elections) and the same could be held only after the Election Commission took a decision. Again, striking a very optimistic and hope full note, the Governor said that Jammu and Kashmir was far ahead of many of the states in the country and despite the fact that ” we are being demonising across the country” that everything here was wrong.