Government property

In some of our earlier editorials we had taken up the issue of state properties outside the State with the view that their upkeep and maintenance needs to be addressed. The State has huge valuable properties outside the state like Delhi, Mumbai, Amritsar, Raipur etc. There is also some structure  at many places on the landed properties.
In the previous session of the State Legislative Council the issue of neglect of these properties had come up and the House constituted Departmental Related Standing Committee (DRSC-III) of Legislative Council to consider the matter. The Committee has met recently and has called for taking appropriate measures for proper upkeep and retrieval of Government assets located in different parts of the country.
The DRSC that met under the chairmanship of Dr Basher Ahmad Shah Veer reviewed Chandigarh, Amritsar etc. The Committee held detailed deliberations on various issues related to the functioning of the guest houses, the status of assets and facilities available at Government guest houses in New Delhi, Mumbai, and sought details of measures initiated for retrieving the properties from the illegal possession of private parties there.
We expect the Government to consider these recommendations and take quick steps for their implementation. The era of neglect should come to an end. We are increasingly in need of State accommodation as the functionaries have to travel to cities because our interaction with other states and  their capital cities has become brisk. Our officers and functionaries have to travel very often in connection with official business and if we have our own accommodation and guest houses in major towns it makes or administration smooth.
It is surprising that according to reports coming to us some State properties in different cities have been  illegally seized by individuals and they are in an unholy alliance with some of the State Government functionaries who are partners with them at this connivance. Perhaps sources of the Government are aware of this nexus and they deliberately close their eyes. It is therefore very important that full investigation into this matter is ordered and proper acting stake to retrieve the properties.


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