Google launches Google Duo


Google Inc has launched all new video chat app named Google Duo. It is a simple 1-to-1 video calling app. The new video calling app promises to be simple ,intuitive and fast. Google duo is already No.1 app in play store surpassing  Pokemon Go. Google Duo is also very popular app in iOS store. Google Duo is available for both iOS and Android.
The app does not need your email or any other account. It just needs your mobile number to work. Then you can call anyone in your contact list.
Google Duo promises to be very easy to use with it’s simple interface. As we can take hint from above screenshots. Duo also states to be fast and reliable. Google Duo will work even in slower connection. This is good keeping in mind countries like India, where high speed internet penetration is still low.
The video call quality will be automatically adjusted according to available connection. This will be done in order to maintain the connection without dropping the call. Now coming to security, all the  Duo calls are end-to-end encrypted. Just like what WhatsApp did some time back. Future update of the Google Duo app will also have voice calling feature.
As of now google duo available to download from play store and iOS store. The google play store page shows Google Duo ready for download.
But the Official google blog as stated that another app Google Allo will also be launched soon in coming days. You can check for Android by searching for Google Duo. For iOS App you can do the same.  What are you waiting for download this great App NOW.