Google enhances navigation, security features for Google Account

NEW DELHI, June 22:
Tech giant Google today said it has added new features to Google Account to offer easier navigation and more prominent security and privacy options to users.
“We are committed to providing you with the controls you need to choose what’s right for you. For years, we’ve built and refined tools to help you easily understand, protect, and control your information,” Google Account Product Manager Jan Hannemann said in a blogpost.
The blogpost said the changes will allow users to navigate their account more easily and offers “more prominent security and privacy options, and detailed summaries of relevant information associated with it — like your personal info, your devices, payment methods, purchases, subscriptions, reservations, and contacts”.
“The new experience is available today for all Android users and will launch on iOS and web later this year,” it added.
Besides, users can also utilise the recently updated Privacy Checkup to review their privacy settings. It will also explain how these shape the user’s experience across Google services.
In October, Google had updated its Security Checkup to provide users with an overview of account security and personalised recommendations.
“The new Google Account experience builds on this and will show you prominent notices if we detect there’s something you can do to improve your security. For example, we might suggest you remove your account from old devices you’re no longer using or remove unverified apps you had granted access to your account data,” the blogpost said. (PTI)


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