Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy begins in Rome

Rome, Italy, Sept 26:The 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy opens here on Wednesday. People from around the world will do more than just discuss the Modern Direct Democracy issues.
“We will work to define the particular characteristics of what makes a city global and democratic?and then enshrine those definitions in a charter for the world’s “democracy cities,” say Bruno Kaufmann and Joe Mathews, the co-hosts of the event.
“This work will then travel out from the Eternal City (Rome), offering an invitation to our communities and cities to sign onto this charter ? and build the links necessary to make each other more democratic and more impactful,” they added.
The 2018 Global Forum on Modern Direct Democracy marks the 10th anniversary of the launch of the Global Forum process in Aarau, Switzerland. In that decade, the Global Forum had established the online Democracy Navigator ? permitting the sharing and comparing of participatory democracy, in rules and practices.
So far, the Forum has visited all the continents, and convened major global conferences in Korea (2009), California (2010), Uruguay (2012), Tunisia (2015), the Basque Country (2016), and now Italy. UNI SNU 0909
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