Glimpses of international politics

O P Sharma

Name of Book : International Politics
Author : Dr Shaveta Sharma
Publisher : Aadee Publishing House,
Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi
Year : 2018
The book entitled “International Politics” authored by Dr Shaveta Sharma and published by Aadee Publishing House, New Delhi has hit the market recently. This 253-page book in simple and easy- to-understand language has been moderately priced at Rs 240.
The education system has now been changed and upgraded over the years. The new innovations, methods have been brought in to further impart knowledge to the learners in an easy way for fully understanding the subject matter.
Innovative Approach
As per the author of this book under-review, it was conceived and written with the intent of providing quality reading material to the Political Science students. Dr Shaveta Sharma is presently posted at Government College, Udhampur after having Master’s in Political Science and Ph. D degree from the University of Jammu. She has gained the teaching experience and the book takes adequate care of all the aspects and angles of the student community as also the common readers.
She must have put in lot of hard work and applied her intellect to obtain optimal outcome in the form of present book.
Easy-to-learn Style
This book “International Politics” will certainly come handy for all the reaincluding faculty, students and common citizens. There are different chapters devoted to different aspects of international politics dealing with all the subject matters and even diplomatic matters. The author has taken due care to explore the fundamental basics as well as rules and regulations.
The printing of this book is fine grade, the paper is of high quality and the language is marked by its purity, simplicity and style. I have gone through the book and found it both informative and educative. In the present times, it is a positive sign that such quality educative works are welcome and valued.