Glaring apathy towards solar power

Solar power hardly needs to be introduced with intent to know all about it especially in explaining its numerable benefits and uses particularly how much is it eco friendly. If the input cost of its installation and its long term benefits derived therefrom are evaluated , it would prove to be the cheapest. Sunlight, which we have in abundance, is the source of energy which is converted into electricity . Photovoltaic system is directly used or concentrated solar power or a combination of both is used in the process of producing electricity with the solar energy. People by and large, stand increasingly benefitted by harnessing solar energy but we are watching this great source going untapped and unexploited. Lack of initiative and absence of the will to experiment new changes and putting in extra efforts at the initial stage to achieve the required results, are in short the variables of the vicious circle in the prevailing system . We have observed dismal performance in this area during the years 2017 and 2018 expecting that in the current year, multiple units of solar power would be commissioned to produce electricity but till now, hard to believe, not even one unit of solar power has been set up . We are not starved of any potential but definitely lack will power and seriousness of the purpose. As regards various schemes of the Union Ministry of New and Renewable Energy, no significant progress too has been made.
We have earlier also elaborated the point as to how much solar power potential Jammu and Kashmir was gifted with by the nature which as per the study conducted by the National Institute of Solar Energy, was around more than 111.05 Giga Watt and Rajasthan state only was ahead of us at No.1 In other words , we should have performed in this sector in such a way so as to be emulated by other states. How best and when this potential was to be tapped has, until now remained only a riddle due to absolute lethargy and indifference towards such a lucrative option by the concerned authorities.
When it comes to delivering long and flowery worded speeches and dishing out official statements in support of this cheap and environmentally friendly source of generation of power, Jammu and Kashmir “leads” from the front. Ground position, on the contrary, in terms of performance is not, even in the least, up to the expectations of the concerned Union Ministry. Jammu and Kashmir , in fact looking to its scenario of power requirement which keeps on showing upward trend with each passing day and the limitations of setting up of any thermal plants due to concerns for protecting environment or even more hydel power plants due to immense cost and availability of water in dams or reservoirs , has to look for alternative recourse which is best served by the solar power.
As nowadays targets oriented action is sought for in every field , whether Jammu and Kashmir would in any way be in a position to meet the assigned targets of tapping 115 Mega Watts by the year 2022, which in other words means 1.5 Giga watt, is not any difficult to judge . There is no discernable policy to prepare a blue print , planning or a ready action plan to follow in Jammu and Kashmir which could best be explained by the concerned agencies in the government. It is not that the people are not aware of its immense benefits as in this digital era and revolution in information technology, more information and in varied quantum was easily available . What in fact was required was a professionally carved out road map for harnessing solar energy for the use by and betterment of the people . Jammu and Kashmir Energy Development Agency (JKEDA) has been made the nodal agency for promotion and development of renewable energy programmes and allied projects as people and the Union Ministry concerned have high expectations from it in the entire gamut of renewable energy resources. Let us, therefore, hope JKEDA does not prove by the same type of approach towards the issue as belying of the expectations, we all have at least now from 2019 and onwards from it.