Girdawars and Patwaries’ pen down strike

Girdawars and Patwaris of the State may have genuine problems and their demands definitely should be looked into , addressed and resolved on merits. They are on strike for the last 22 days and have not “touched” the pen for as many days. Not only this, they are on sit – in  protest outside  the office of the Deputy Commissioner , Jammu.
We have no qualms, as a matter of fact, with their charter of demands and in our democratic set up, they can peacefully agitate for raising their issues with the Government but why should  the people for no fault of theirs or their role in it , suffer . May be, the agitating State employees were assured that their problems would be conceded but the concerned authorities did not keep their word. In that connection, we want that the situation should be reviewed and tried to be addressed by the Government to end this sit-in and pen down forms of agitation.
We would have fully appreciated the stand of the agitating Girdawars and Patwaris in case either in the morning or in the evening hours, they would have attended to the peoples’ problems and disposed off their papers and simultaneously doing their trade union activities as well. Why should people suffer is the moot question and why should they have any sympathy for these striking Revenue employees against whom, most of them and on most of occasions, they  are otherwise many times feeling troubled rather than  comforted ?