Get Wealth through Ashta Lakshmi

Suresh S Duggar

The eight directions in Vastu are called the Ashta Lakshmi and from these eight directions only, you get the true wealth. Therefore, these are also known as Ashta Digpal meaning the Devta or Lord of the Eight Directions and Ashta Lakshmi, i.e., the wealth coming from the eight directions.
Now the first and foremost wealth is Clarity that we get from the North-East, the second wealth is Connectivity that we acquire from the East. The third wealth is that of Money which we get from the South-East, the Vastu Zone of Cash or Fire.
The fourth wealth is that of Fame which we get from the South. The next comes the South-West zone which gives us Skills & Expertise. The North-West gives Strength & Support. The North gives Opportunities. Thus, if you are able to create these eight types of wealth from the eight directions, then only your Life becomes truly precious!
Ashta Lakshmi
Traditional Vastu Shastra mentions about Ashta Lakshmis or the 8 Lakshmis residing in the 8 directions. These Ashta Lakshmis are situated as follows:
Aishwarya Lakshmi in the East
Dhanya Lakshmi in the South East
Adi Lakshmi in the South
Dhairya Lakshmi in the South West
Gaj Lakshmi in the West
Vijaya Lakshmi in the North West
Dhan Lakshmi in the North
Santan Lakshmi in the North East
Aishwarya Lakshmi of the East
Aishwarya Lakshmi resides in the East. She provides the residents with a good social recognition. Hence, whenever there is an imbalance in the eastern sections of the home, the residents fail to be well-known and renowned socially. They are unable to gain high status socially. Despite contributing well to the society, the residents do not receive due recognition and social status. A balanced Surya Devta of the eastern zone ensures the family enjoys a good status.
Dhanya Lakshmi of the South East
Dhanya Lakshmi , residing in the South East, ensures that the residents are well provided with food supplies. Food supplies in the past were equivalent to cash and liquidity in today’s times. This is the reason why, when there is imbalance in this zone, the residents face challenges in terms of cash and liquidity.
Adi Lakshmi of the South
Adi Lakshmi represents inherited wealth. The definition of wealth is not just limited to cash and jewels. In a much broader sense, it can be understood as the inheritance of culture and values. The balanced zone of Yam Devta that resides in the southern zone, ensures that family values and culture are retained and upheld by the family residents.
Dhairya Lakshmi of the South West
Dhairya Lakshmi of the South West provides the residents with the wealth of patience. South West is the crucial zone that makes or breaks a family. When the members of the family fail to keep patience, peace and tolerance levels run low in the household, which eventually take the shape of major family problems. Only when patience is maintained among residents, long term relationships can survive.
Gaj Lakshmi of the West
The Lakshmi of western direction is known as Gaj Laxmi. She rides an elephant called Anjan. The zone of the west in a home is responsible for providing the residents with a life of comfort and luxury. It is said that Gaj Lakshmi has the power to give complete happiness and comforts to the residents, Gaj Lakshmi has the powers that equals eight Laxmis combined. West is synonymous with the planet Saturn. Saturn is synonymous with the number 8. This Lakshmi holds the power of Ashta Lakshmis combined. In addition to balancing this zone, a picture of Ashta Lakshmi in this zone is considered auspicious.
Vijaya Lakshmi of the North West
Vijaya Lakshmi resides in the North West. She ensures that the residents are well supported in every manner and walk of life that leads to their smooth success. Success comes only when one gets complete support from all walks of life. Or else, in absence of lacking support, success cannot be sustained. Rudra and Rajyakshama in the North West ensure that the residents enjoy the regular flow of support as and when needed.
Dhan Lakshmi of the North
The Lakshmi of the northern direction is Dhan Lakshmi. She provides the residents with opportunities to generate wealth and income. Dhan Lakshmi ensures that residents are able to generate enough wealth and opportunities for a smooth living.
Santan Lakshmi of North East
What bigger wealth than children! What greater joy in life than children!
The Santan Lakshmi that resides in the North East ensures that the family is blessed with love and happiness of children. When this zone is disturbed and imbalanced, problems of child birth are reflected. This is the zone of Jupiter. Traditional astrology believes that blessings of Jupiter are important to have children.
If you observe, the Ashta Lakshmis work in harmony with each other to keep life smooth and stable. Aishwarya Lakshmi of the East teams up with the Gaj Lakshmi of the West and together to ensure that the residents enjoy a high status with comforts and luxury. Dhanya Lakshmi of the South East teams up with the Vijaya Lakshmi of the North West to ensure that the cash generated in the South East is available as support as and when needed. Dhan Lakshmi of the North joins hands with Adi Lakshmi of the South and ensures that the money that is generated through opportunities is handled well and passed to generations in form of wealth, values and culture. The Santan Lakshmi of the North East in combination with Dhairya Lakshmi of the South West ensures that once a family is blessed with children, they receive a healthy and a happy environment to flourish and grow.
(The author is Mahavastu Acharya)