Gender gap in literacy

The position on the front of bringing more and more women under the ambit of literacy in India is not only encouraging but has become a trend setter for many developing countries . It goes without saying that educating a woman was tantamount to educating one full family. Besides knowing what was going around in the world in different fields , literacy was an anti dote to superstitions and a tool to fight social evils. An educated mother meant an enlightened family to take care of the family health and hygiene.
Former President Pranab Mukherjee reiterating the importance of imparting education to women has advised to further bridge the gap in literacy and stressed upon to do more on the front. Though the female literacy is around 61 percent as against 81 per cent among males as per the census of 2011 , the percentage was gradually improving among the women of the country and more facilities and incentives especially at far flung and rural areas would bring about a perceptible change . The need of the hour is to strive for a parity in literacy between men and women in the country. Beti Padhao Abhiyan must be meticulously spread across the country where there was huge gender gap in literacy.