Gear up connectivity projects in Ladakh

Prime Minister’s package of Rs.80000 crores for Jammu and Kashmir is primarily for effecting fast development in each and every region and Ladakh too was to have its projects covered under the package with work on them expected to be completed within the stipulated timeframe but the same going on quite slowly has resulted in not only giving rise to fears of considerable delay in completing of the projects at hand but has given enough ground for expressing resentment by the people of both the districts of the region.
Since due to the constraints of funds, most of the projects in the State have been suffering, there was no such problem in respect of projects coming under the PM’s package which was to be executed over a period of five years in a phased manner commensurate with the levels of work completion and the spending capability of the State, slow pace of work is not understandable. Connectivity within two districts and the rest of the ‘State’ is the object of these projects including the work on Zojila tunnel which on completion, would minimise to a large extent, the difficulties otherwise being faced by the people here. Now that the situation was going to change for the better from November next month, it is hoped that the matter would get resolved fully.