GCW Parade organizes hiring process for Software Engineer Trainee Internship

Excelsior Correspondent
JAMMU, Jan 21: Government College for Women (GCW) Parade organized hiring process for Software Engineer Trainee Internship, today.
The hiring process was organized by GCW Parade and Digital Initiative Unit, HED J&K in association with Code Quotient, Chandigarh. Dr Manik Gupta (Head of Career Advancement and Strategic Alliances), Amit Ghai (Head of Business Operations) and Dipanker Dutt (Head- Partnerships and Talent Outreach) were the representatives of Code Quotient.
They oriented the students for the hiring process. First phase was an orientation to their process, success stories of students and the kind of companies Code Quotient works with. After the introduction, Code Quotient introduced the students to their selection process, which is a progressive elimination round on problem solving skills. They also introduced the application mentality among students who could not clear their process, and they are still eligible to opt for the internship if they prepare on Code Quotient Pre-Course and apply for the selection test virtually.
Principal of GCW Parade encouraged students to avail maximum opportunities from these initiatives to make their knowledge applicable for market scenario while Dr Kumar Sourabh, Nodal officer and Project Coordinator of Digital Unit HED gave the students assurance for such initiatives in future as well.
The programme, which coordinated by the whole team of Placement Cell GCW Parade in assistance with Dr Piyali Arora and Prof Jyoti Bha, concluded with vote of thanks presented by Prof Meenakshi Jamwal (convener, Placement Cell).