Gambhir recalls experience of sharing room with MS Dhoni

NEW DELHI: The former Indian opener Gautam Gambhir went down a memory lane to recall the days when he and MS Dhoni would share a room during a series.

”We were roommates for more than a month and all we used to talk about was ‘hair’ because he had those long hair back then. We talked about how he would maintain his hair and all that stuff,” Gambhir said.

”I remember us sleeping on the floor once because we had a very small room and the first week, we discussed how to make it bigger. So we removed the beds out of the room and we both were sleeping on the floor, with the mattress on the floor, and it was a great moment,” he added.

During the early stage of his cricketing career, Dhoni was not only famous for his unique batting style but also for his long and golden-streaked locks.

Gambhir also feels sharing a room with someone for a month or more help in getting to know the person well.

”We were both young, MS Dhoni had recently started playing international cricket together. We went to Kenya together, we went for India A tour to Zimbabwe together and spent a lot of time together. But when you share a room for a month and a half with someone, you get to know a lot about that person,” he said. (AGENCIES)