G20 leaders resolve to prevent use of internet for terrorism, extremism

OSAKA: Prime Minister Narendra Modi and other leaders of the G20 on Saturday resolved to prevent the use of the internet to fund and facilitate terrorism and extremism, asserting that while the internet must be “open, free and secure”, it cannot serve as a safe haven for terrorists.

The leaders of the Group of 20 major economies in a statement after the Osaka summit said they are committed to act to protect people from terrorist and violent extremism conducive to terrorism (VECT) exploitation of the internet.

“As leaders, one of our greatest responsibilities is to ensure the security of our citizens. It is the state’s role, first and foremost, to prevent and combat terrorism. Here in Osaka, we reaffirm our commitment to act to protect our people from terrorist and VECT exploitation of the internet,” they said in a separate statement.

“We issue this statement to raise the bar of expectation for online platforms to do their part. We, the leaders of the G20, reaffirm our strongest condemnation of terrorism in all its forms and manifestations,” they said. (AGENCIES)


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