Fund medical costs not covered by insurance with the Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card

It is a well-known fact that healthcare in India can be expensive. This is especially true given that not all urban Indians own a health insurance policy. Moreover, health insurance policiesusually have numerous exclusions. Considering the fact that health insurance doesn’t always offer coverage for various treatments, it is important to be prepared to financeyour medical needs at a moment’s notice covering the major health problems in India.

Generally, thefinancing options available to you for medical expenses are limited. You can:

  • Use your emergency fund
  • Dip into your savings or liquidate investments
  • Take a loan

However, each of these options has their own limitation. A depleted contingency fund leaves you to vulnerable to future emergencies, breaking investments and using up savings affects your goal planning and future financial health, and taking a loan involves a hectic process as well as payment of interest.

The good news is that you now have a smart way to address all healthcare costs with the Bajaj FinservDigital Health EMI Network Cardup to Rs. 4 lakh. This health card grants you access to easy funding and allows you avail healthcare facilities affordably by paying your medical bills on No Cost EMI.

To know how it can come in handy when addressing medical costs not covered by insurance, take a look at these pointers.

Choose from 800+ treatments and repay dues over a flexible tenor

The Bajaj Finserv Health EMI Network Card offers you up to Rs.4 lakh as a pre-approved amount to pay for over 800 treatments. A key benefit here is that the amount can avail healthcare without insurance or easily meet thoseexpenses that your health insurance policy does not cover. The numerous exclusions of a health insurance policy include diagnostic care, pre-existing medical conditions, maternity treatments, cosmetic and hair treatments, etc.

Besides the fact that you can pay your medical bills on easy No Cost EMIs, you can also choose to do so over a flexible tenor lasting up to 24 months. This way, repayment is easy to handle.

Getimmediate credit for treatments at 5,500+ partners

You can use this sum at over 5,500 partner healthcare centres in India including Manipal Hospitals, Columbia Asia Hospitals, Apollo Hospitals and other top hospitals. This means that you don’t have to avail treatment at a specific centre only, which is often the case with an insurance plan.

Avail healthcare on No Cost EMIs across over 1,000 cities

You can use this fully digital card to pay medical bills on No Cost EMIs as you can divide the cost of the treatment you want to avail, into pocket-friendly EMIs and thereby minimise its immediate impact on your finances. What’s more, your digital card can be easily accessedon your Bajaj Finserv Wallet App and you can use it wherever you go, across 1,000 Indian cities. This way, you can avail the best medical care you can get at a healthcare centre closest to you.

Enjoy special discounts and offers on medical expenses

Another upside to owning this card is that you get special limited-time offers on medical expenses. This allows you to minimise your medical expenses. In fact, some of these discounts are on services and procedures that aren’t covered by health insurance. For instance, these are a few current offers on popular elective treatments.

Partner Treatment Offer Validity
Richfeel Beauty treatments Consultation at just Rs.250 + 10% additional discount on purchase of products 31-03-2021
Dr. Marwah’s Hair restoration and cosmetic surgery 20% discount on hair transplantation and cool sculpting procedures 31-03-2021
Truweight Slimming & wellness 40% discount on immunity fight back packages 30-09-2020
Skin City Hair restoration and cosmetic surgery 20% off on cosmetic procedures + free online consultation 30-09-2020
Dr Batra’s Hair restoration and cosmetic surgery 25% off on homeopathy treatments. Call 9920016831 to book your appointment 31-12-2020


With this offering, you can rest easy knowing that accessingmedical finance is one less thing to worry about. Additionally, the features and benefits of theDigital Health EMI Network Card allow you to prioritise healthcare while ensuring that you don’t have to make any compromises. When it comes to medical care, accessing the best treatment is crucial to a speedy recovery and with this offering, you get nothing less. To get it now, apply for the health card online in just 3 clicks.