Functioning of Govt. schools

The Director School Education Jammu under order No. 810DSEJ of  2016 dt. 09-02-2016 on the basis of poor result percentage of Class 10th board examination winter zone session Nov-2015 has ordered of stoppage of increment of subject teacher where percentage is below 50 percent and in case of over all result of the school below 20 percent annual increment of head of the institution and release of the same after showing improvement in the next session which is discriminate as before this both teacher and head of the institution were at par with 30 percent result and this seems to have been done with some motive to give relief to the head of the institution by tightening noose around the neck of subject teacher because when 30 percent of the result in most of the cases is not achieved then how 50 percent result is expected.
This is against natural justice as all from  teacher level to Director level are equally responsible for poor results. Then, naturally they need to be the dealt with accordingly by stopping their increments on the basis of over all result at zonal, District and Director level as no different yard stick can apply in this matter. Moreso, this is a policy matter and I think it needs to be done at Government level by issuing proper order to maintain uniformity in whole of the State. Besides Director Education needs to be posted from the Joint Directors of School Education on merit basis instead of IAS and KAS officers and for poor pass percentage of results there are some other factors such as mushrooming of private schools as a result of which only poor people wards go to Govt. schools and rest prefer private institution which is main reason for poor results of the Govt. schools and many influential teachers having political/bureaucratic back get themselves attached in Directorate of School Education, DC’s Tehsildars CEO’s and ZEO’s Office for years together on one pretext or other as per their choice with no work and this way get earned leave credited to their leave account as in Education Department there is no such leave and some others are kept engaged in  census and other type of survey duties thereby escape stoppage of increment on so called less than 50 percent result.Many teachers selected  on RBA/ALC by managing these certificates while living in cities/towns get their posting in those cities/towns where they actually reside and others selected on open merit are forced to go to remote and backward areas to serve there for years together.
Besides when Ministers, MPs, MLAs and other VIP’s send their children to private schools, they themselves are responsible for poor functioning of schools. Not only this but as per various judgements of Apex Court and High Court of J&K only B.Ed degree holders need to be appointed as teachers and our Late President of India APJ Abdul Kalam has once said that teachers selections who are architect of the nation needs to be made strictly as is done in respect of IAS Officers but in our State Govt. opted the route of Rehbar-e-Taleem by engaging 10+2 as teacher at village level which was opposed by the opposition at that time and others by saying that is a conspiracy as well as back door entry system and therefore only meritorious person at district level should have been appointed as teacher but due to evergrowing corruption, morals has taken a back seat.
Moreover, the teacher in the rural and backward areas have worst possible working condition for instance deplorable school buildings without any compound wall, playground, inadequate 3rd Class furniture,  other articles and proper sitting arrangements for the students and not to speak of providing the teachers rent free quarters, incentive and other facilities in the rural far flung areas.
Yours etc…
Isher Dass
Village Sambal


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