Fruit Mandi in Shopian Kashmir

Fruit Mandi which is needed the most in Shopian district in South Kashmir and was approved nearly 13 years ago, remains as on date incomplete which looks really surprising. It may be noted that Shopian district, because of growing of famous Kashmiri apples, contributes significantly towards the economy of the State on account of its apple trade.
What was promised to the people as back as in 2005 was a state -of -art Mandi, with all infrastructural facilities required to improve various types of facilities required for the apple crop, remains till date unfulfilled although a sprawling 4 acres of land for the purpose was identified and notified by the State Government. The fruit market which should have been by now existing as planned and promised, is nowhere to be seen. A satellite market with parking facilities of hundreds of vehicles mainly trucks, offices of traders, residential quarters for workers, banking facility and boarding and lodging facilities for businessmen from outside the State were the distinct features of the proposed fruit market.
The traders and others in the area connected with the apple business feel betrayed as they sense no seriousness on the part of the Government in expediting the work on this mega project despite repeated requests and reminders to the authorities. The existing facilities at the site of the proposed Mandi even lack the basic ones like drinking water and electricity. This market, when fully completed, has the potentiality of providing jobs to hundreds of local youth. The administrative lackadaisical approach has topsy-turvy the entire mega project and we urge the authorities to expedite the remaining work to be completed as soon as possible looking to the utility of the Mandi and its contribution towards the economy of the State and the long wait of 13 years by the apple traders of Shopian.