From 15 minutes to 15 crore

Shiban Khaibri
Someone known as Waris Pathan representing All India Majlis-e- Itihad-ul-Muslameen (AIMIM) an Islamic Regional political party and a former MLA from Byculla Mumbai had a few days back informed ,on a leading TV Channel where he is invited religiously regularly in debates as a co-panellist , that he was one of the chief organisers of a scheduled huge prototype of Shaheen Bagh in Mumbai . The anchor , whether upset or trying to be the “first to break” the news for gaining Television Rating Points (TRP), addressed the viewers , ” Breaking news ….Waris Pathan is declaring on the National Channel that he was one of the main organisers and architects of another Shaheen Bagh type of agitation going to take place shortly “. Only after a few days , not even a week , while addressing a gathering of “victims” of “draconian CAA” he said, “We want Aazadi , if it is not granted in normal course , it has got to be snatched ; we have, so far let loose only lionesses at Shaheen Bagh and “you” are perspiring (due to fear) , just imagine if we too enter the arena , what would be your fate , we are just 15 crore but will be sufficient to overpower 100 crores of you…”
Assud-ud- din Owasi the chief of AIMIM was on the dais when Waris was showering the “flowers of peace” , did not object to his diatribe aimed against the gullible , increasingly tolerant , accommodative , liberal and believers in ‘forget and forgive’ Hindus of this country . He was seen just feigning as if he had not heard Waris properly since in all probabilities , Pathan was spelling the intrinsic policy of the AIMIM. If not, he should have snatched the mike from Pathan who put his foot in the mouth by warning the majority community for no fault of theirs. He did not do so, nor reprimanded him publicly as his warning was “reciprocated” with cheers from the crowd. What most of the political leaders in India aspire for is garnering support and cheers to convert in votes at appropriate time. Similarly, most of the electronic media aspire for gaining TRP even if they had to compromise with the tenets of fair journalism otherwise they would have telecast those slogans raised in AMU, Jamia Islamia and other places which were raised against Hindus and India’s sovereignty and even run full speeches of the likes of Amanant Ullah Khan in Delhi . No, but they roll out such people into politically important personalities by giving them undue exposures and importance.
Waris has been made a very important man especially by two main TV Channels by giving him non-stop exposure for hours together in their debates and discussions where, what he speaks is known to everybody. How, having knowledge about the laws of the land and having remained a law maker too, he could muster courage to yell for ” Azadi ” and issue warning to 100 crore (Hindus) in his speech, is disgusting . This type of policy adopted by most of the TV Channels of late has been going on for years and just the way Kanhaya owing allegiance to Tukdey Tukdey Gang was made a hero by some TV Channels, Waris too was made to reach the levels of being emboldened to this extent that 100 crores of people are treated by him non -entities worth to be warned and subdued . That, he just simply ‘withdrew’ his statement after three days neither exonerated him of the provocative outburst laced with grave repercussions nor mitigated its wide effect nor healed up the inflicted wounds especially when he refused to apologise.
‘Majlis’ literally means Assembly or people collected together at one place. ‘Itihad’ means unity or being in unison , ‘Muslameen’ is plural of Muslims. This is the literal meaning of the Party , Owasi is heading . It is another thing that “secular” Congress had “secular” AIMIM as an ally both at the centre and in Andhra Pradesh but RSS and BJP are “touch them not” as they are communal. In addition to it, not only Ayer, Navjot Singh, Salman Khursheed etc but new Congress leader Shatrugan Sinhga too finds lot of love in Pakistan and visits that country. Manmohan Singh from here declared Bharat Mata Ki Jai as militant nationalism as if his earlier declaration that “Muslims had the first right on India’s resources” was any less secular(ian) contribution by him. Needless to add, Sonia Gandhi had already given a clarion call to “victims” to come out of homes and offer any sacrifice in respect of CAA. Only two days later in yet another anti CAA protest rally organised by the AIMIM in Bengaluru , a young woman took to the stage and raised Pakistan Zindabad slogans and asked the audience to shout the same along with her. The banner raised by Owasi’s Party was “Save Constitution” and the organisers had invited the woman to address the gathering . She was so committed to her “cause” that slightly red faced, some organisers tried to get back the mike from her but she remained adamant and held the ground till police intervened. Later, she revealed that there were strong forces “at work” especially vast student community who were at her back and they were asking her to speak like that.
What had been done to constitution by whom that Owasi had organised the protest rally to “save” it. What is the intrinsic agenda at work ? What are these anti CAA protests aiming at when
* CAA was not against any Indian, of any community , of any sect , faith, etc and had got nothing to do with anyone residing in India.
* What for , then are these protests organised and who is or are behind these protests and what was their real agenda , the time has come to unravel.
* What ‘nautanki’ is the sort of anti CAA tirade where children , women, young and old are yoked together raising slogans , very often provocative while holding tricolour and copy of the constitution in hand ? Whom were they hoodwinking?
* Even if hypothetically agreed that these protesters very much respected the constitution and held it dear to their hearts, how can they protest for rejecting of an Act passed by Parliament strictly in accordance with this very constitution which they feign to hold so dear to their hearts? What a contradiction and a hoax ? Was not the CAA passed by both the houses of the Parliament? Who the hell can reject it?
* What ‘Aazadi’ affliction has spread across these protesters that they burn petrol pumps, set ablaze public and private property, kill 38 people including two Police personnel on duty in Delhi , loot and pelt select houses knowingly coinciding with the visit of American President to our country ? If as some protesters wanted Aazadi, the same was got by Indians on August 15, 1947 and Jinnah Wali Aazadi a day earlier by slicing India into two parts and getting Pakistan as demanded by Muslims . If remaining Muslims decided to stay back in India, it was their choice which was respected by the benevolent, broad minded tolerant Hindus and not any act of obliging the majority community, not even in the least, by those who decided to stay back.
* In the garb of the oft repeated rhetoric that India was “our country , we were born here and shall die here” , no one should burn one’s own country.
* The fact must be remembered that right from 1947 to 1950 , there was no constitution in the divided India but an unwritten acquiesce by Hindus, to have it not a Hindu Nation during those three years despite seeing what treatment their co-religionists were subjected to in Pakistan and later, when the constitution was drafted by the members of the Drafting Committee , no mention was made in the preamble about “secular nation” which revealed more than it hid any. Should now those Hindus be threatened and repaid for their generosity by asking for Aazadi , raising Pakistan Zindabad slogans etc ?
It may be recalled that one brazen threatening was given by Akbar -uddin Owasi in 2013, “We are 25 crore and they are 100 crore , remove the police just for 15 minutes and see how the numbers turn out after that.” That time, it was “secular” government of Congress led UPA at the centre and not known what ailed Akbaruddin so much and as much. Now, Waris Pathan uses the same language but puts “We” at 15 while keeps “You” at 100 and says 15 crore can well dominate 100 crore. This is not to be taken on the lighter side and brushed aside but seen in its real perspective. Isn’t 1946-47 being attempted to be repeated.
Again, recently Akbaruddin Owasi said that “Muslims ruled over India for 800 years which is proof that India belongs to me (Muslims) and it was the proof for them who are asking us for our documents.” It is strange that while on the one hand , he boasts of Muslim invaders having ruled India for 800 years , at the same time -he plays victimhood. We know Muslim invaders came , some of them looted , killed, enslaved, demolished and went back while others in addition to these atrocities , settled in this paradise as their countries were barren , wild and extremely poor hence ruled India . Why is Akbaruddin reminding “us” about that as we would then ask for collateral issues like demolishing of thousands of temples across the country right from Kashmir to Kanya Kumari, massacres committed by Ibdali, Changez Khan, Taimur , Khilji, Qutub-ud-din Aibak, Nadir Shah, Babar, Aurengzeb and almost every fanatic ruler. That would set in motion a dangerous trend as the progenies of the victims of 800 years , if “woken” even in some percentage, would result in unimaginable consequences . Please refrain from such provocative diatribes and threatening and do not play with fire. Fire only burns and destroys. Peace, unity and brotherhood alone should rule supreme and make our mother Bharat stronger rather strongest.