Freight rates move up on less availability of trucks

NEW DELHI, July 14: Freight rates for nine-tonne pay load section for select destinations improved by Rs 1000 at the local truck transport market in the national capital today following shortage of trucks in the market amid better cargo movements.
Transporters said, besides, tight availability of trucks in the market, increased  cargo movements along with blockage and diversion of roads due to water-logging because of monsoon rains, mainly pushed up some of centres freight rates.
Delhi to Patna, Guwahati and Kolkata freight rates moved up by Rs 1000 each to Rs 29,000, Rs 62,000 and Rs 33,000.
Rates to Hyderabad, Vijayawada and Bengaluru also went up by Rs 1000 each to Rs 58,000, Rs 60,000 and Rs 64,000.
Following are today’s freight rates per nine-tonne load (in Rs): Jaipur              18,000      Hyderabad        58,000 Chandigarh         19,000      Vijayawada       60,000 Ludhiana           20,000      Bengaluru        64,000 Kanpur              22,000      Chennai        64,000
Indore               24,000      Mysore        66,000
Ahmedabad          23,000        Puducherry     68,000 Baroda              25,000      Coimbatore     72,000 Patna                29,000     Kochi            78,000 Surat                28,000      Thiruvananthapuram 82,000 Mumbai             30,000       Goa            60,000 Pune                 31,000      Gwalior         16,000 Kolkata              33,000      Guwahati        62,000 (PTI)