Fraudulent nominations of 994 pharmacists


I t still remains to be seen as to how as many as 994 pharmacists managed to be nominated by Health Ministers right from 1991 in violation of the Government order in Indian Systems of Medicines (ISM) but what is more intriguing is that despite Anti Corruption Bureau (ACB) recommending an enquiry and disengagement of these ”Pharmacists”, nothing concrete has so far been done. That looks mysterious. Rules and set procedures were set aside and transparency given two hoots by successive (State) Health Ministers who were nominating persons of no eligibility on the ISM, a practice which started since 1991 all these years .Anti Corruption Bureau having felt sufficiently satisfied about a prima facie violation of rules and commissioning of fraudulent practices adopted, had in April this year, written to Commissioner Secretary to consider the disengagement of these pharmacists. The public exchequer continues to suffer losses on account of their continuance. Trainings having been imparted to these persons in “Dawasaz Training Course” by Director ISM without any authority or orders from the Government is another face of the fraud. We feel that at one or the other level in UT bureaucracy, the concerned “Pharmacists” are being shielded and matter tried to be hushed up