Fraudulent appointments and irregularities

Looking to the spate of irregularities, fraudulent appointments, scams, embezzlements, financial indiscipline etc being committed in various departments run by the State Government and the pressure on the State administration, particularly the General Administration Department to deal with the situation, there should be a full fledged separate department with the sufficient requisite infrastructure with intent to exclusively deal with such cases expeditiously as under ordinary course of business, there is a huge void, a big canyon and a large chink between the number of such cases and the infrastructure or the apparatus to deal decidedly with them in shortest possible time. It may not be construed as an idea out of the box or somewhat hyped but is put forth out of concern, as nothing concrete seems to be done to contain, if not altogether stop and pre-empt such unwarranted acts of omission and commission, in many departments.
The Governor’s administration, no doubt, seems to be seized of the precarious matter but enough in practice to reach to logical ends is not seen . The point can be further elaborated by the fact that the Government constituted as many as five Fact Finding Committees to look into the nuts and bolts of fraudulent appointments in some departments as also breach of rules and regulations in awarding contracts and showering of undue favours on the ‘choiced few’ and the like and to submit reports on their finding to the Government. The deadlines too were fixed. The travesty is that none of these Fact Finding Committees have submitted the sensitive report and have failed to meet the deadline.
There could be some problem with one Committee or the other, that all the five are sailing in the same boat seems unpalatable and unjustified. In the absence of such reports, how the administration could proceed further in taking departmental and penal action against the guilty officers? How could those, who for apparent considerations from time to time, indulged in such illegal and irregular practices, enjoy free air and get breathers and not face the due action, should have further motivated the members on these Committees to meet the fixed deadline in submitting the reports. These Committees were not constituted just for any trivial reasons but only as a fallout and in due response to countless complaints pouring in at Governor’s Secretariat from different quarters about pinpointed incidents of large scale irregularities committed in many departments for the last eight years. It is likely that these complaints otherwise would not have been received by the State Administration, had the State been not under the Governor’s rule as otherwise, the likely fate of such complaints, even if made, would have not been left to any conjectures. This is on account of the enjoyment of political patronage or the assurance of ‘protection’ to the wrong doers, otherwise for eight years these acts remaining unpunished, is beyond comprehension.
We are within our professional realm in indulging in a sort of speculation that the ‘wait’, the ‘delay’, and the no-haste in submitting the requisite finding by these five committees may be due to reasons extraneous to the ordinary, usual and perhaps unavoidable ones. If it is not so, how come senior bureaucrats who are members on such committees, can afford to be not quick, swift and prompt in submitting reports to enable the ACB and other administrative agencies to bring the culprits to justice? June 14, 2019 was the date by which such reports should have reached the destined places of the top administration to enable it proceed further. Can it be done now, without any ado, clarifying the reasons of delay, along with submitting of the desired information? We shall be watching and monitoring.