Four lane Ganderbal road

The two projects having a connect inter-se that of the four lane Ganderbal-Srinagar road from Pandach to Bihama road and construction of a modern and facilities oriented Ganderbal Bus Stand are in doldrums due to the fact that these projects were started nearly eight years ago but when exactly they shall be completed is not known. That considerable delay in the execution of these public utility projects without going farther to know all about as usual, could be only due to erratic position of funds can well be envisaged as is wont with almost all projects which were started more for political considerations though the requirements were there than first looking into and arranging adequate and regular funds for their execution.
Delay, as we know in such projects means operating of two edged sword -that of cost escalation and stoppage of work pending fresh DPRs and getting administrative sanctions. This has been proven in respect of Ganderbal Bus Stand which eight years ago cost Rs.12 crore has now shot up to over Rs.18 crore. In addition , people are subjected to face difficulties especially long traffic jams and overcrowded narrow roads due to these incomplete projects . The UT Government must look into the issue and have it resolved at an early date.