Foreign tourism and Jammu & Kashmir

Duo to effective monitoring by the UT Government as also encouraging cooperation by the general public coupled with more awareness about precautionary norms to get rid of dreaded COVID virus infection, the overall COVID situation in Jammu and Kashmir can safely be termed as having vastly improved . That opens up opportunities for being more flexible to open up in all areas but with necessary caution. Since Jammu and Kashmir being basically with a tourism dependent economy to a larger extent and a good proportion of tourists usually being from other countries even during winter months, foreign travellers must be allowed to visit their choicest places including venturing for adventure tourism . It hardly needs to be stressed upon that such travellers must possess valid proof of having received both the doses of anti COVID vaccines.
The prospects have brightened looking to the Union Government actively considering for relaxing the restrictions and allowing foreign travel to India to be resumed shortly on tourist visa basis. As it has been amply made clear that service providers , caterers, directly associated with tourism and hospitality etc must be fully vaccinated and since according to the available data, 90 percent of such people in Jammu and Kashmir stand already vaccinated and the remaining in due course expected to follow suit, there should be no problem in resumption of foreign tourism in the UT. Not only would it give a sense of normalcy returning gradually but phenomenally infuse a new life in the tourism industry of the UT . Approaching winter sports activities need specially to be showcased to attract more foreign tourists.