Food Myths

Rishav Chopra

With the increasing percolation of modernization in every corner of the world, People are getting more conscious about their health and well-being. This consciousness has gunned down many myths about food; however, they are just the tip of the Iceberg. Here are few food myths still ruling the modern society.
Raw carrots are considered as more nutritious than cooked. However,  in reality, Cooking enhances carrots’ nutritional value.
Cooking breaks down the tough cellular walls that encase the beta-carotene hence make it more nutritious.
Another buzzing food myth is related to eggs which are considered unhealthy due to their cholesterol content. However, the recent research emphasizes that they don’t actually contribute to high cholesterol. In fact, eggs are an inexpensive source of many nutrients, including zinc and iron, antioxidants lutein and zeaxanthin, vitamin D, and the brain-boosting chemical choline. Hence we should not avoid eggs rather monitor saturated fat in our diet to keep cholesterol in check.
Moreover, many obese people consider dairy products as the reason for their excess weight. According to them, their body can’t process such products.
This theory is, in fact, illogical because the inability to process foodswould mean the foods are not metabolized and calories would not be absorbed. This would lead to weight loss, not gain.
These were few food myths we busted. However, to efface them completely, there is aneed for all of us to stand up together and spread awareness about food use and as an individual; we should verify the authenticity of information before trusting it.