Following the footprints of Gandhiji

O P Sharma

Name of the book : Roshni Ki Kiran
(A Ray of Hope)
Author : Kewal Krishan Sharma
Year of Publication : November 2015
Publisher : Shiva Printers, Paloura, Jammu
Pages : 151
Price : Rs. 250

This 151-page book titled Roshni Ki Kiran in Hindi is a collection of short stories authored by well known writer Kewal Krishan Sharma. It contains 25 short stories in Hindi which are very interesting, instructive and entertaining based legacy of Mahatma Gandhi, Father of the Nation on truth, justice, honesty and brotherhood.
This book was recently released by Bali Bhagat, ex-Minister on February 23, 2016 at an impressive function held at Cultural Academy Complex, Jammu. Farmer MOS, Sunil Sharma, Aziz Hajni, Secretary Cultural Academy, Dr. Jitender Udhampuri along with a galaxy of writers, academicians, students and prominent citizens were present on the occasion.
Dr. Jitender Udhampuri, who has written foreword in this book has expressed good word for this work which has taken up the crucial subject of legacy of Mahatma Gandhi.
The story Roshni Ki Kiran which has been wisely selected as the title of the book generally concerns with peace, mutual brotherhood and communal harmony in India in general and our state Jammu and Kashmir in particular.
With an inspiring and impressive sketch on the front cover of the book, the writer has shown Mahatma Gandhiji marching towards Jammu and Kashmir State where he has had a glance of “ray of hope” in August, 1947 visit in the shape of peace, brotherhood and harmony during the Partition of our country. Rightly the writer also exhorts one and all in the poetic verse which follows:
Kiran roshni ki jo Bapu ne dekhi,
Kami uski jyoti mein aane na paye,
Aao pyar ke geet hum gungunayen,
Mohabat ka sandesh, sab ko sunayen
(The eternal message of moral values of Mahatma Gandhi)
Need of the hour right now and in future as well is to implement Gandhiji’s ideals, deeds and thoughts for the very survival and well being of the humanity.
Kewal Krishan Sharma hailing from Kishtwar has already written seven books including one on moral education, another on prevention of suicides, both pleading for high moral ethics among the younger generation. His writings reflect his inclination as a social reformer and a moralist. He often vehemently uses his pen against man-made social inequalities, economic disparities and infusing lofty principles.
Well-knit Stories
Some of the stories contain a strong and subtle message stressing the need for abstaining from selfishness superstitions, inculcate discipline dedication and adoption of high-value beliefs and standards in life.
In Bechara Mahadava, a teacher seems contended with his own lot, when he says, “I am contented with my income and thank God for not providing me muc