Flight Testing of scramjet Engine Technology Demonstrator success : ISRO

CHENNAI : The first experimental mission of ISRO’s Scramjet Engine towards the realisation of an Air Breathing Propulsion System was successfully conducted today from Satish Dhawan Space Centre, SHAR, Sriharikota, about 100 km from here.
After a smooth countdown of 12 hours, the solid rocket booster carrying the Scramjet Engines, with a lift mass off 3,277 kg, lifted off at 0600 hrs.
With this India became the fourth country to demonstrate the flight testing of Scramjet Engine.
”The successful technology demonstration of air-breathing Scramjet engines in flight by ISRO today was a modest yet important milestone in its endeavour to design and develop advanced air breathing engines including engines for ISRO’s future space transportation system”, ISRO sources said. The important flight events, like the burn out of booster rocket stage, ignition of second stage solid rocket, functioning of Scramjet engines for five seconds followed by burn out of the second stage took place exactly as planned. (AGENCIES)