Fitbit Pros and Cons

Anu Bakshi

These days humans have become more advanced through the technology we use.
Though this can seem amazing to some it can have its pros and cons,
A good example of pros and cons in technology are Fitbits. Fitbits are an amazing device that allows you to follow workout routines,set alarms, see how many steps you have taken,and track your heart rate. The cons such as when people see the amount of steps they have taken that day so far they get stressed out .
Fitbits are also quite expensive and you may lose motivation to walk without your fitbit,
In fitbits such as the fitbit versa they have special features such as workout routines,
I believe that this is an excellent idea to have workout routines right on your wrist because some people do not have time search on their phones for workout routines and keep doing the same one consistently therefore having the same fast and effective ones on your fitbit is much easier for most people.
Another reason it is good to have a workout routine on your fitbit is you don’t have to set up an entire station to do them.
If you need to you can also set up an alarm on your fitbit for when you would like to start your workout.You can set alarms for your day to day activities such as what time you would like to wake up,eat,do your work,workout,and go to bed.
Something that I find truly phenomenal about fitbits are that they are able to track your heart rate,I think this is good because some people get stressed out easily therefore knowing how fast or slow their heart rate is can inform them if they need to stop and take a few breaths or if they are alright Fitbits prices can also get quite expensive depending on which fitbit you purchase.
You are paying a lot of money for your fitbit. You may need to wait a while before getting yourself a fitbit therefore you may want to make sure you really like your fitbit before purchasing it because you may be disappointed when you get the fitbit considering may not have all the features that you were looking for but you run that risk with anything you buy.
In conclusion, if you would like to buy a fitbit you should, because there are many more pros than cons of buying a fitbit.