First-timer Channpreet Kour & experienced Himanshu Darshan dazzle in ‘Oedipus’

A scene from the play 'Oedipus' staged by Punjabi Lekhak Sabha at Abhinav Theatre on Sunday. -Excelsior/Rakesh
A scene from the play 'Oedipus' staged by Punjabi Lekhak Sabha at Abhinav Theatre on Sunday. -Excelsior/Rakesh

Lalit Gupta

JAMMU, Dec 2: Pali Bhupinder Singh’s play ‘Oedipus’ was marked by an outstanding performance by two actors: the first-timer Channpreet Kour and experienced Himanshu Darshan, who from the very moment of appearance on the stage dazzled with their acting prowess, repose, total control in dialog delivery and movements-which rendered the more than 100 minutes presentation as a mesmerizing dramatic experience for the audience.
staged by Punjabi Lekhak Sabha as the 17th performance of the ongoing Annual Theatre Festival, at Abhinav Theatre, here today, the play in Hindustani, directed by Hardeep Singh Deep, came out as a philosophical take that how under the biological, and social positioning of woman as mother, sister, and wife-her inner feminine yearnings remained suppressed and rarely find consummation.
The plot revolved around a young man, who kidnaps a woman only to murder her so as to avenge his mother’s murder. The women instead of being afraid urges him to kill her. After many twists and turn, it is discovered that young man’s mother who was attracted to a neighbor was murdered by his father only. This shatters the young man. The kidnaped women who is, in fact, the neighbor’s young wife, reveals her years’ old attraction for the young man. Other members of the cast were master Pancham as Child and Jyoti Charak.
The play full of myriad dramatic developments oscillating between betrayals, destruction, erotic attraction, and conciliation was supported by a thoughtfully designed and well executed set full of plethora of props. The appreciable light design was by Pankaj. The music was by designed and executed Kuldeep Sapru and make-up by Jyoti Charak.
Tomorrow, Natya Karmi will stage Girish Karnad’s play Nagamandala under the direction of Vijay Kapoor.


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