First sitting of new LS adjourned after paying tribute to Munde

NEW DELHI, June 4: The first sitting of the newly elected 16th Lok Sabha was today adjourned as mark of respect to the memory of Union Rural Development Minister Gopinath Munde who died in a road accident yesterday.

As soon as the House assembled at 1100 hrs, pro tem Speaker Kamal

Nath first asked the members to stand for a while in silence to mark the solemnity of the occasion of the first sitting of the new Lok Sabha, which he said had been entrusted with a great responsibility of working for the welfare of the people and of the

Mr Nath asked Secretary General P Sreedharan to table a list of the newly elected members submitted to the Speaker by the Election Commission.

Thereafter, the pro tem Speaker asked the permission of the House to defer the further business of oath taking of the new members and take up obituary references to the departed leader.   Formally informing the House of the tragic end of Munde, Mr Nath said he was an active parliamentarian who served his term with a passion and all sincerity.

The pro tem Speaker described Munde, who was elected to the 16th Lok Sabha from Beed constituency of Maharashtra, as a “man of

the masses” who in his three decades of public life always worked

for the welfare of the downtrodden and farmers.   Mr Nath said Munde had a passion for Parliamentary rules and procedures and had served on various committees of the Lok Sabha.   The pro tem Speaker also spoke about Munde’s contribution to the

politics of his state Maharashtra, and the various posts he held in

the Assembly.

After finishing his statement, Mr Nath asked the House to observe two-minute silence in memory of the departed leader and thereafter he announced adjournment of the House for the day. (AGENCIES)


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