Finding peace in troubled times

Sant Rajinder Singh Ji Maharaj

There is a lot of turmoil in the world right now. TVs, newspapers, magazines, blogs, the internet, smartphones, tablets, or other devices, are buzzing with breaking news about the catastrophe that we are dealing with today. It’s hard to go through any social media without hearing of the suffering people are undergoing around the world. Even in our own lives.
Breaking news that worries us
The news seems to be filled, one moment after the other, with the tragedies the world is facing. We are continually hearing of financial and economic calamity. The stock markets have crashed. Health dangers to us and our close ones are causing us immense worry and anxiety.
A lot of us have started believing that life brings nothing but sorrows. People facing these challenges accuse life of bringing only suffering. Is that all life is but a series of disasters strung together? Is there any cure for the sorrows of life?
Breaking News that’s good
There is a place of safety where you can find refuge from the sorrows of life.
There’s a life raft to make it safely through the stormy seas of life. You can sail away from the sorrows of life to attain the happiness that’s your birthright. There’s a place you can go to relax far away from the sadness and suffering. You can renew your spirits and come in contact with a place free from sorrows.
Where can you find that place free of sorrows? That place free of sorrows is within you. It’s a place where you can connect with the peace of your soul. You can find relief from the sufferings of life. You can find the peace within you by sitting in meditation.
In meditation, you have a period of time during which you are not bombarded with news of the sorrows of the world. It is a concentrated time when you can focus on your soul, on the spiritual treasures within. Immersed within, you are filled with peace and joys.
Meditation can help pass
though the difficult times
In meditation, you can experience calm and bliss. You can realize that within you is a place where there is no pain and suffering. Meditation can help you awaken to the realization that your existence is more than the outer world in which your body and mind undergo suffering. You have a spiritual side which is connected to the peace and happiness within you.
When you emerge from meditation, you see the world in a different light. You know that the outer sorrows of life are temporary. They will pass. When you see for yourself there’s a place of peace and joy within, you are strengthened with fortitude to pass through the difficult times knowing that happiness is accessible to you within.
Through meditation you can find relief from the sorrows of life. While the wheel of life keeps spinning, you can take some moments to jump off the wheel to enjoy relief during the time you meditate. You can enjoy a few minutes, a half hour, or an hour or two, free from breaking news of the world’s sufferings. You will get a boost to help you soar above the realm of suffering, in order to experience realms free of pain and sorrow.
Let’s spread positivity
There is a lot happening in the world currently that might not be within our control. But there is something that is within our control. Amidst the uncertainty and ambiguity, we can control our attitude. This is the time for us to be positive, and to spread positivity around us.
The upliftment we receive in meditation stays with us throughout the day. This may not change the outer suffering of the world, but we are able to spend some time daily in a place of joy and positivity that we can spread to others. Our own spirits are lifted and we can then make others feel good.
When we realize there is a place free of sorrows within, we can help others to access that place. We see life from a different angle.
This too shall pass
Through meditation we will also realize that all things are transient in life. This knowledge can help us maintain a sense of balance when we face the highs and lows of life. We can stay at an even keel through the storms and sunny days of life by finding a calm center. We can reach this still point through meditation.
So let us not forget that the current situation that we are facing is temporary. We will get through this. If we sit in silence and remember God daily, we will not be troubled by this temporary phase of life. We will find a still center, filled with peace and balance, which will provide us with permanent happiness despite the outer variations of life.