Find replacement of foreign products through Indian alternatives: Narendra Modi

NEW DELHI: Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Sunday urged the manufacturers and industry leaders of the country to ensure their products are world-class as the mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’ is resonating in every house. He also exhorted people to find a replacement of foreign products through Indian alternatives.
“I appeal to you to make a list of goods of daily use and analyse which imported articles have unconsciously become a part of our lives and made us their captive. Let us find out their Indian alternatives and resolves to use products produced by the hard work of Indians,” he added.
Addressing the nation through 72nd edition of his monthly radio programme and the last ‘Mann Ki Baat’ of the year 2020, the Prime Minister said that the nation developed new capabilities due to coronavirus.
“Due to coronavirus, the supply chains got disrupted the world over but we learnt new lessons from each crisis. The nation also developed new capabilities. We can call this capability ‘Atmanirbharata’ or self-reliance,” he said.
“It is the right time to work with the ethics of ‘Zero Effect, Zero Defect’. I call upon our manufacturers and industry leaders that when people have taken determined step forward and when the mantra of ‘Vocal for Local’ is resonating in every house, it is time to ensure that our products are world-class. The Global best must be manufactured in India. For this, our entrepreneurs and startups must come forward,” he said.
The Prime Minister said that a huge change has begun in the minds of people of the country – that too within a year, even economists would not be able to assess it on their parameters.
“Customers too are demanding ‘Made in India’ toys. This is a big change in the thought process. This is a living example of a major transformation in people’s attitude and that too within a period of one year. It’s not easy to gauge this transformation,” he added. (Agency)