Fighting the climatic changes

It may not be visible as of now in threatening dimensions, nevertheless, the State is still in its infancy to realize the adverse climatic changes taking place and no tangible steps are seen in this behalf even to the extent of not obtaining benefits of the National Adaption Fund on climatic change.  This scheme is a central sector scheme aimed at mitigating the effects of change in the distribution of the weather patterns.
The State of Jammu and Kashmir is settled within the fragile Himalayan eco- system and because of varied reasons, there are lot many fluctuations in the climatic pattern because of host of reasons. It is, therefore, a natural corollary that the State would claim and take maximum benefits under the designated scheme in this behalf but it is quite unfortunate that barring one department, no other concerned department has availed of the financial support from the Union Government.
It is mandatory for availing of the benefits under the scheme to first prepare exhaustive Project Concept Notes (PCN) and in this connection, only one Department of the state , The  Agriculture Production Department has availed of the clearance of funds of Rs. 22.51 crores in the fiscal of 2015-16.  There are more than 11 other designated Departments who have made no headway in this regard, neither by preparing the PCN nor any other step towards it . That is untenable and uncalled for.
The Government, very recently has constituted Project Management Unit for supporting Sate climate change centre at the Department of Ecology, Environment and Remote Sensing for effective implementation of State  plan for climate change . Project Management Unit will approve action plans , coordinate and effect planning for convergence . Climate change research ,  co-opt any policy , research and academic professional or seeking expert  opinions are other functions of Project management Unit , the aim being effective implementation of state action plan on climatic changes. All these efforts can bear fruits only when the designated 11 Departments feel the pinch and prepare reports and project Concept Notes for availing of the financial assistance. The need is to go beyond availing of the financial facilities with a mission to address real and emerging problems of climatic changes.


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