Fighting against abortions remains priority for US Catholics – Cardinal DiNardo

Washington, Nov 12: Fighting against abortions remains one of the most significant challenges for the Roman Catholic church in the United States, the president of the US Conference of the Catholic Bishops (USCCB), Cardinal Daniel DiNardo said on Monday. “The continued fight to defend unborn children is one of the most significant challenges and one of the most significant realities that we do,” DiNardo said at the USCCB General Assembly in Baltimore. He emphasized that this fight would remain priority for Catholics as long as the most innocent lives are left unprotected. DiNardo noted that public policy advocates were fighting for comprehensive healthcare that would protect every child’s right to life. He urges all expecting mothers who are in trouble to call to one of the churches for special help. Cardinal noted that protecting victims of sexual abuse was another priority of Catholic clergy and faithful. “We must never stop efforts to help them,” he said. Papal Nuncio to the US Archbishop Christophe Pierre said in his address that the church lives in “increasingly secular culture.” He pointed out the importance of preaching of Christian values. “Evangelization remains a pastoral priority,” the nuncio said. He also called on the church to use all its authorities to teach people in the name of Christ.
US Conference of Catholic Bishops is headquartered in Washington. There are 34 active Catholic bishops currently in the United States.