Fight against corruption

Although there is no decline in the level of corruption in Government departments and most of the corrupt officials being under the eagle eyed surveillance of the concerned agencies of the Government, yet it is a matter of satisfaction that Anti Corruption Bureau has been doubling its efforts in registering FIRs against the corrupt which has seen sharp rise for quite some time. This is being done under Prevention of Corruption Act. It is widely believed that only after the condemnable scourge of terrorism, corruption was the second monster troubling the administrative setup in Jammu and Kashmir in various ways.
We appreciate the efforts taken by the Governor’s Administration in this respect as also the interest shown by the ACB in proceeding against such employees although much more was required to be done especially at the prosecution level to ensure speedy trial and deterrent punishment which could take place only with a strong and solid prosecution case in the courts. There should be symptomatic administrative measures too to strike a blow to both corrupt and irregular practices as well as summary suspensions and terminations to send messages loud and clear that Government job was not to be misused and abused to indulge in corruption. 103 FIRs in Jammu and Kashmir, though appreciable, however, is tantamount to proverbial a drop in the bucket looking to the enormity of the affliction. All pending cases should be taken to logical and decisive ends which again could frustrate attempts to let cases get prolonged to get breathers of many hues.