FBI, CBI officials meet to discuss cooperation on technology-based crimes

Washington, Jan 24: Officials from the top internal investigating agencies of India and the US, Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) and Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), and those from the US Department of Justice met to discuss continued cooperation in addressing dynamic and evolving technology-based crimes.
The meeting between FBI and CBI officials were held in New Delhi last week, the Department of Justice said on Monday.
Deputy Assistant Attorney General Arun G Rao of the Department of Justice Civil Division’s Consumer Protection Branch, along with colleagues from the Consumer Protection Branch and the FBI, met last week with CBI officials in New Delhi to discuss deepening and expanding efforts to combat cyber-enabled financial crimes and transnational call centre fraud, a shared law enforcement priority, it said.
“In their meetings, the parties highlighted the continued strengthening of cooperation in combating these types of crimes that has occurred since their last meeting in October 2021, including successful efforts to secure the testimony of US victims of call centre fraud for use in enforcement proceedings against the alleged perpetrators in India, as well as the seizure of evidence and arrests of individuals in India allegedly involved in cyber-enabled financial crimes and global telemarketing frauds and identified, in part, through information provided with the assistance of U.S. Law enforcement,” it said.
The parties reaffirmed their mutual commitment to continued cooperation in addressing dynamic and evolving technology-based crimes by building upon the experience gained through recent efforts and further refining processes for the exchange of information, in order to ensure the safety of citizens of both the United States and India, the Department of Justice said. (PTI)