Father’s Love


Father’s Love

Father’s love is so hidden,
Eventually so faded still colourful ribbon,
Invisible and covered under the mask,
Recognizing it is a hectic task,
Discreetly hidden, so that to reach out,
The thing we see is with a doubt,
Doubt that he’s too busy to talk,
To sit, relax and have a walk,
He can’t love us, with these busy days,
But to love us he has his ways,
From our needs to leisure,
He is behind us with his treasure,
Treasure that we guess is in his hand,
But the money that slips out like sand,
He is happy and good to go,
As our joy is the only thing to know.
Digvijay Singh Billawaria



Beneath a pile of old regrets,
I’m pinned down by their weight,
My lungs expand a little less,
And the path looks too far to take,
I’m wide awake,
Aware that I’m broken and there’s no one to blame,
There’s no one to call to lessen the ache,
They tell me this is step one to growing up,
So I guess I’m on my way,
Is this all?,
Falling and yet never reaching the bottom,
Going from dreading the end to longing for it,
From surviving to live a better life to living for the sake of surviving,
I bet our insides are colder than our ancestors grave,
I wonder what they’d say if they saw us now,
I guess it’s better that they can’t,
We used to pray so we may live to pray another night,
Now we pray so we won’t need to in the future,
How did we learn to complain about injustice that never happened?,
To bitch about falling when we’re the ones who tripped ourselves?,
How did we become humans who only give to take?,
My father once told me,
“The drenched don’t fear the rain”,
And we’ve become bad enough to do worse,
Our eyes are open to all except what we don’t want to see,
I hope one day, If I’m lucky enough to be a parent,
My child could teach me what it’s like to be good again,
Are we too deafened by arrogance to listen?,
too occupied by ourselves to change?,
I’m not sure,
What I know is…I’m not ready to give up just yet…
-Reetain Raina (Jain Bazar)


Those Who Have Gone Before


Being here thought
And planned their living;
Faced hardships of all sorts.
With their toil hard
Made our life better,
And this world for us to live in.
Lived through the ultimate,
What awaits us here…
Reverend are now.
Were they any different,
Those who have gone before !
Surat Singh