Fate of power projects

Two power projects in the state sector getting mired in the preposterousness of delays and deferments have landed them in a time overrun of almost four years. With it is decidedly associated, an inalienable cost escalation effect. The Union Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Authority feel implausibly disappointed.The twin power projects are 37.5 Mega Watt Parnai Hydroelectric Project in Poonch district and 48 Mega Watt Lower Karnai Hydroelectric Project on a tributary of River Chenab in Doda district.The projects have repeatedly been inspected by Ministers in the present dispensation on many occasions.
Slow pace of work, inadequate men and machinery and delay in land acquisition are the major contributory factors for these two projects, the executing agency of which is Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC).  Both these projects have  jumped  their respective  deadlines of commissioning , ie, 2016-17 and now have been granted  a “grace period” up to 2020-21 , the decision of which,  by any account,  cannot be termed as frugal in nature. Just ask the reasons of over running the time frame and right from administration to technical authorities, everyone shall try to reason its geese as swans but no efforts were made to address the bottlenecks in the twin projects at the appropriate moment.
The process for construction of Parnai Hydroelectric Project was set into motion in 2009 by the Jammu and Kashmir State Power Development Corporation (JKSPDC) when bids were invited for preparation of pre- qualification documents in conformity with the guidelines of Union Ministry of Power. All the three units of this project having capacity to generate 12.5 Mega Watt of electricity  were scheduled to be operative by 2017-18 fiscal  at a cost of Rs. 640.41 crore. Now the likely date of these three units  getting operational are 2019-20.The fear that delays would be upping the project cost from the initial one of Rs. 640.41 crore have been allayed by the JKSPDC being hopeful of completion of the project  “within” the estimated cost itself. The damper has been the usual slow progress of work preceded and followed by delay in land acquisition.
About Lower Kalnai Hydroelectric Project having capacity to generate 24 MW of electricity  scheduled to be completed by 2017-18 financial year at a cost of Rs. 576.87 crore has an  uncertain fate to generate power  during this year which has now been hoped to materialize  during 2020-21 financial year. Union Ministry of Power and Central Electricity Authority feel dismayed over delay in completion of both these projects which come under the priorities of both State as well as the Union Government. It has also made known its unhappiness in respect of 850 MW Rattle Hydroelectric Project because those issues continue to haunt the project which are creating impediments in re-start of the work which remained unfinished since July 2014. This is expected to be completed around by the end of 2022-23. In other words, a time run of five years in this project was a commentary on the casual handling of this project and associated issues therewith.
Taking a bird’s eye view, the areas where adequate attention was required to be given include proper mobilization of men and machinery by contractors, less delays caused in finalization of relief and rehabilitation plans, gearing up of the pace of work, providing timely funds for payment of contractors’ liabilities , inspections and appraisals.


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