Fate of PM package employees

The spate of targeted killings has triggered widespread fear especially among the minority communities of Kashmir. The selective killings of Kashmiri Pandits, Sikhs, Hindus and non-local labourers has evoked panic among the masses. It is indeed very unfortunate and sad that after the famous Pharmacist Bindroo’s barbaric killing, Pak sponsored terrorists shot dead a school Principal from Sikh community and a teacher from the Hindu community of the same school. The school teacher namely Deepak Chand who was killed by terrorists had joined School Education Department three years before under the Prime Minister’s Special Employment package.
After the killing of PM package employee in Srinagar, a fear psychosis had enveloped all the employees of PM package. Hundreds of PM package migrant employees have already fled to Jammu as they feel insure and threatened in Kashmir valley because the prevailing situation in the Kashmir valley is same as that of 1990s. Now the irony is that the authorities at the helm of affairs are forcing PM package migrant employees to attend their duties back in the valley.
It has been observed that some departments have started harassing PM package migrant employees for not attending their duties and asking them to state their position for absence from duties. Currently, the situation in Kashmir is volatile and uncertain as already thousands of non-locals are fleeing the Kashmir valley as they all feel that there is risk to their lives in Kashmir. Now the J&K UT Government must understand the woes and miseries of the PM package migrant employees and the authorities at helm of affairs must not force all such migrant employees to join duties till the situation normalises in Kashmir.
Ashok Kumar