Fashion can make you feel invincible: Dua Lipa

LONDON, Jan 6: Singer-songwriter Dua Lipa says fashion makes her feel confident and powerful.
The 22-year-old singer said fashion gives her a freedom to express herself, reported Femalefirst.
“Occasionally, fashion can make you feel invincible. I don’t know if it’s ever saved me, but it’s felt like a shield I think it’s been a tool to finding myself, and expressing myself, in a way that I could never do in words,” Lipa told Refinery 29.
The singer said her style is an “extension” of her personality, and believes it is important that young people feel free to wear whatever they wish.
“It’s an extension of who I am, it’s how I express myself. You’re allowed to be whatever you choose to be and whatever you want to put out into the world. And I don’t think anybody’s really allowed to tell you can and can’t wear,” she said. (PTI)


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