Fascinating Dogri Poetry for kids

O.P. Sharma
Name of the Book : Jammu Di Chidi
(Dogri pictorial Poetry)
Author Heena Mahajan
Publisher Highbrow Publications,
Bari Brahamana,Jammu.
Year 2022

Daughter of the soil, Heena Mahajan, has authored pictorial Dogri Poem book entitled “Jammu Di Chidi,” for children. The pictorial Dogri book by budding writer Heena Mahajan is one of its own kind and a welcome addition to Dogri literature. Her other book, Easterly Verse, containing English poetry, was her first contribution to poetry and made a mark in the literary circle.
Fascinating poetry
Heena Mahajan has tried her pen to write poetry in her mother tongue in this book. It is noteworthy that this book consists of beautiful pictorial illustrations, which will surely attract young readers and kids in this beautiful Dogri writing. The poetry is fascinating and much to the liking of the readers specially children. A specimen stanza from the poem reads: Jammu Di Chidi says:
“Udhdi Udhdi Ai Chidi
Pujji Jammu sher
Khand mitthe log ithe
Naa chagda naa baer,
Tawi jaiye pani pitta
Dhote hath pair
Bawe jaiye mattha tekeya
Prashad Ahli Barfi Laggi Badi Shael”
A sparrow, spreading her wings, came flying into Jammu city. Dogri speaking people, like sugar, live here in tranquility. She visits the holy river Tawi to slurp water and then washes her peak and feet. She bowed in front of goddess Kali Bawe Wali and cherished the taste of Barfi prasaad.
They effectively and efficiently communicate the main theme of the book focusing on the simplicity of Dogri literature and urging youngsters to understand Dogri in an effective way.
Sentiments of kids
This 54-pages book contains 30 Dogri poetic compositions on a variety of subjects that are quite relevant and of keen interest to children. The author has dwelt deeply on the sentiments of kids and used simple and easy Dogri language and vocabulary as also keeping in mind child psychology.
Another meaningful stanza from the poem Rail Gaddi Aai follows:
“Chuck chuck kardi aai
Rail gaddi aai
chuck chuck kardi
chuck chuck kardi
chuck chuck kardi aai.”
Here comes the train, chanting and shouting the typical sound “chuk chuk” and “chuk chuk” all along the way. The Railway train first came to Jammu, City of Temples during 1972.
She has tried to open a dream world with her pen for the younger generation. Pictorial illustrations appeal to many and encourage them to participate in reading for pleasure.
Heart touching topics
She has much control over her ideas, command over the language and has fine art of expression. The very title of this book, “Jammu Di Chidi,” is at once typical and attractive. All the poems are heart touching and hold meaningful themes with suitable rhymes for children. It tells about the glory of Jammu and joyful topics associated with reality in a very enchanting manner.
Born, brought up and educated in Jammu, she pursued her higher studies in Pune (Maharashtra) and holds an MBA in Finance from the University of Pune. She has worked at Infosys, Sany Jammu, and in the hospitality business industry. She is one of the budding Dogri writers and poets recognised as “Jammu di Chidi.” Her parents and family fully support her to write in Dogri. Other than this, she arranges regular events for Jammu kids under the name Jammu Kids Contest, where she encourages young kids to perform in Dogri, and they together enjoy other social activities like making bird feeders, nests, bird houses, and art and crafts.
An Interaction
Answering a question in an interview with me, Heena Mahajan replied that she is firmly committed for pursuing her deep interest and firm commitment in the propagation and promotion of her mother tongue, “Dogri,” through literary pursuits. She added that she wants every child or elderly persons to feel proud of speaking, reading, and writing in his mother tongue, which now has the distinction of Indian Constitutional status. The Union Government and UT Administration of Jammu and Kashmir UT must make allout efforts to give education in academics or even all vocal and professional trainings in the mother tongue, Dogri. We, the Dogras, must feel pride and dignity as per our rich culture; we must take example from Tamil, Bengali, Marathi, Telugu, and other Indian languages, which are firmly accepted in their respective regions.
I do firmly feel that we must encourage the younger generation to adopt the Dogri language in their daily lives.
Literary interest
This Dogri book has been well printed, finely illustrated with pictures on fine glossy paper and has quality poetry, which will certainly win the admiration of the readers. Well done, Heena Mahajan so far, but the “thirst” of the vast Dogri readership is still not fully quenched, especially in the kids section where demand is more deep and dense, so go on with your literary pursuits and continue to showcase your new and energetic creations.