Farooq Abdullah Asks Muslims To Remain Vigilant Against BJP’s Tactics To Win Their Votes

Farooq Abdullah Asks Muslims To Remain Vigilant Against BJP's Tactics To Win Their Votes

Jammu, Jan 17: Ahead of the Lok Sabha elections, National Conference president Farooq Abdullah on Wednesday urged the Muslim community to remain vigilant against the BJP’s tactics to “mislead” them to get their votes.
The Srinagar MP also called on the Gujjar community here to not vote for the BJP, saying that “your existence will be wiped out if you support them”.
Abdullah was speaking at a Gujjar and Bakarwal conference at the Sher-e-Kashmir Bhawan here.
“Elections are approaching and only Allah knows what all they (BJP) will do to get the votes of Muslims. They are misleading Hindus by using the Ram temple. Then you (Muslims) have to decide what to do,” he said.
The Lok Sabha elections are likely to be held in April-May this year.
“Hindus, who considered us Pakistan, have been lured by them,” Abdullah told the gathering.
He warned the Gujjar community that “your existence will be wiped out if you support them (BJP)”.
He also recalled efforts made by his party’s government for the upliftment of backward communities like Gujjar and Bakarwal.
The NC leader spoke about various challenges faced by different communities and urged them to unite against the BJP.
“It is not a matter of water or road or development… but a matter of our existence. If you don’t wake up, then we cannot help it. Our existence is at stake,” he said.
He, however, asked people not to be afraid as “nobody can kill you unless God wants it”.
Abdullah said if the NC is voted to power in Jammu and Kashmir, it will provide a “healing touch”.
He also touched upon global issues, condemning atrocities on Palestinians and the ongoing conflict in Ukraine.
“What is happening in Palestine? More than 25,000 people — men, women, children and doctors — and their homes have faced bombardment. But there is no effect on the world. Pray to God that we may not suffer like that.
“See what is happening in Ukraine. People there are getting killed. It is Russia’s war, it is America’s war. America is using Ukraine to pin down Russia,” he added.
Abdullah said maintaining peaceful relations with neighbouring countries is important for India’s progress.
“Pray to God that our neighbour also realises this. Former prime minister Atal Bihari Vajpayee had rightly said that friends can be changed but not neighbours. If we live in peace with (our) neighbours, we will make progress. But if we don’t live in peace, our progress will be weakened,” he said.
“Our country has been encircled. China has reached the Maldives. It is already in Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh. Pray to God we don’t face such a situation. We want a developed, peaceful and prosperous India,” he said. (Agencies)