Farmers protest over stoppage of water in Kathua canals

Farmers protesting in Kathua on Wednesday —Excelsior/Pardeep
Farmers protesting in Kathua on Wednesday —Excelsior/Pardeep

Excelsior Correspondent

JAMMU, May 27: The farmers held a protest demonstration here, today against the stoppage of water in two canals from Madhopur by Punjab Government. Due to stoppage of water the farmers are facing problems in growing the paddy nursery which is drying up due to lack of irrigation water.
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The farmers led by Sat Pal Choudhary, Kuldeep Singh, Jamel Singh and Kamal Singh held the protest demonstration at Logate Morh, here against the Punjab Government for stopping the irrigation water in canals as the paddy nursery has turned dry in fields. They said that the farmers are already facing problems due to lockdown and the labour crisis is one of the main issue, but the problem has been further compounded due to stoppage of irrigation water.
They asked the UT Government to take up the issue with Punjab Government and immediately release the canal water otherwise farmers may face huge loss.
They said that with the sudden stoppage of irrigation water to J&K by Punjab without any prior intimation has caused serious problem to farmers of 22 villages in 78 km area from Lakhanpur to Vijaypur who have been badly affected by it.