Farmers agitation

Farmer agitation spread in some parts of the country took an ugly turn on the Republic Day in New Delhi. People across the country were celebrating the festival with great enthusiasm and spirit when instantly tractor rally in road took place in and around the Red Fort. The Red Fort came under the complete control of the agitators where farmers flag was hoisted. It was all obnoxious and unlawful. 26th of Jan is a National Festival of the country and the Indians are proud of the day when every year we celebrate the day by hoisting the National Flag at the Red Fort. Pulling down of the Tricolour at the Red Fort by the agitators has hurt the sentiments of the people in the country and is highly condemnable incident. There can be grievances but indulging in vandalism and violence, damaging of public property is entirely pandemonium. Disturbing peace and creating of lawlessness is quite repulsive. It is disgusting to note the 300 police personnel have been injured while controlling the mob. The farmers agitation has got a major blow. Farmers are backbone of our country and every Indian holds them in high esteem but they have to maintain the dignity and discipline. It is time to cooperate with the Govt in explosing the elements who go for antinational activities. They need to be punished as the law of the land goes.
S N Raina