Farmer in trouble

Due to the untimely rains there is disaster in the pady belt of Jammu region from Kotpunnu to Palanwala i.e over an area of 2.0 lac acre, accumulating damage in crores. Farmer is in trouble due to this as well shortage of labour, damage by cattle and wild animals. It is also causing delay in sowing winter crops. In a conservative estimate 50 percent crop is gone. Besides this minimum support, price is reduced and more over buyers are ambivalent to purchase because of moisture content and quality of grains. Difficulty is that people have no storage facility. Situation is really precarious and needs immediate attention of the Govt. Govt should order special Girdawari to asses on the spot losses and also deploy percurement team.
There is need of providing interim relief of Rs. 5000/acre so that farmer can make arrangements for the sowing of wheat, other wise, this crop will also suffer. It is time to act to save the farmer and related people i.e traders, transporters. Agricultural activities in Kandi belt has already gone stand still because of Monkey menace and stray cattle coupled with wild animals. POW ER an NG.O working on the plight of the farmers, got this information from the various farmers.